Emerging Shareholder Yield (EYLD) - Full Holdings

0.744%CNOOC LTD-SPON ADRCEO1,261$160,916.21
0.735%CHINA PETROLEUM & CHEM-ADSNP2,171$158,873.78
0.657%CHUNGHWA TELECOM LT-SPONCHT4,212$142,112.88
0.859%BANCO DE BOGOTA7,943$185,744.84
0.735%OAO GAZPROM ADROGZPY36,725$159,019.25
0.943%BUDIMEXBDX PW3,588$204,034.54
0.515%KOREA ELEC P-ADRKEP6,175$111,458.75
1.046%O2 CZECH REPUBLIC ASTELEC CP19,123$226,232.17
0.672%HELLENIC PETROLEUM SAELPE GA17,563$145,360.15
1.145%MOTOR OIL (HELLAS) SAMOH GA10,868$247,713.60
0.993%BHP BILLITON PLCBIL SJ11,726$214,634.57
0.510%ASUSTEK COMPUTER INC2357 TT13,000$110,337.18
1.121%CHENNAI PETROLEUM CORPMRL IN35,817$242,470.04
0.576%MICRO-STAR INTERNATIONAL2377 TT52,000$124,575.63
1.186%ASSORE LTDASR SJ11,986$256,455.96
1.258%HINDUSTAN ZINC LTDHZ IN55,016$272,064.69
0.767%CHICONY ELECTRONICS CO LT2385 TT65,380$165,932.50
0.734%THINKING ELECTRONIC INDUS2428 TT52,000$158,644.65
0.066%DONGBU INSURANCE CO LTD216$14,211.78
0.741%CHIN-POON INDUSTRIAL CO L2355 TT78,000$160,279.28
1.213%INDIAN OIL CORPIOCL IN41,706$262,384.87
0.598%TOPCO SCIENTIFIC CO LTD5434 TT52,000$129,221.40
0.727%SONATA SOFTWARE LTDSSOF IN65,248$157,323.70
1.361%TRIPOD TECHNOLOGY CORP3044 TT78,000$294,232.49
1.034%ELITE MATERIAL CO LTD2383 TT52,000$223,685.52
1.107%LS CORP3,250$239,380.02
0.899%CHILISIN ELECTRONICS CORP2456 TT65,000$194,434.33
0.547%S-OIL CORP1,014$118,208.96
0.502%EXXARO RESOURCES LTDEXX SJ10,088$108,667.20
0.888%SIMPLO TECHNOLOGY CO LTD6121 TT32,800$192,104.83
0.899%HON HAI PRECISION INDUSTR2317 TT52,000$194,434.33
0.686%LIBERTY HOLDINGS LTDLBH SJ18,239$148,428.42
0.563%MPI CORP6223 TT52,000$121,650.51
0.395%CHAUN-CHOUNG TECH6230 TT26,000$85,344.63
0.657%TELKOM SA SOC LTDTKG SJ35,412$142,131.35
0.927%POWERTECH TECHNOLOGY INC6239 TT65,000$200,456.64
0.911%FIRSTRAND LTDFSR SJ49,478$196,944.62
0.250%WEIQIAO TEXTILE CO LTD-H2698 HK99,000$54,066.46
0.776%ATEN INTERNATION CO LTD6277 TT65,000$167,764.14
0.835%CHANG WAH ELECTROMATERIAL8070 TT39,000$180,669.07
0.677%SITRONIX TECHNOLOGY CORP8016 TT52,000$146,427.98
1.418%PHISON ELECTRONICS CORP8299 TT26,000$306,707.26
1.406%SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO LT130$304,133.18
0.490%OAO ROSNEFT OIL CO-GDRROSN18,784$105,941.76
0.893%LUKOIL PJSC-SPON ADRLUKOY3,718$193,094.33
1.195%POSCO - ADRPKX3,445$258,478.35
1.309%OTP BANK PLCOTP HB6,916$283,095.70
0.938%SINOPEC SHANGHAI-SPONS ADSHI3,289$202,865.52
1.061%TATNEFT PJSCOAOFY5,330$229,349.90
1.186%HYUNDAI MARINE & FIRE INS6,292$256,447.76
1.062%GS HOLDINGS3,809$229,757.75
1.084%THAI OIL PCLTOP TB75,400$234,369.95
1.037%STANDARD BANK GROUP LTDSBK SJ17,823$224,165.77
0.802%AYGAZ ASAYGAZ TI40,170$173,516.72
0.639%ACTRON TECHNOLOGY CORP8255 TT39,000$138,082.79
1.104%VIVOTEK INC3454 TT65,000$238,741.27
0.795%ELITE ADVANCED LASER CORP3450 TT46,800$171,893.72
1.016%IMPERIAL HOLDINGS LTDIPL SJ15,379$219,773.75
0.912%SANLAM LTDSLM SJ36,972$197,165.81
1.520%HANA FINANCIAL GROUP7,852$328,698.05
0.141%SYNCMOLD ENTERPRISE CORP1582 TT13,000$30,541.68
0.907%MERITZ FIRE & MARINE INSU8,970$196,067.74
0.865%PTT EXPLOR & PROD PUBLICPTTEP TB68,653$186,982.13
1.236%GUANGZHOU R&F PROPERTIES2777 HK114,400$267,212.96
0.850%IND & COMM BK OF CHINA-H1398 HK234,000$183,890.57
1.132%KUMBA IRON ORE LTDKIO SJ12,844$244,755.02
0.694%XINGDA INT'L HOLDINGS1899 HK390,000$149,992.31
1.047%TIANNENG POWER INTL LTD819 HK234,000$226,488.39
0.867%SLC AGRICOLA SASLCE3 BZ26,000$187,391.82
1.027%EZ TEC EMPREENDIMENTOS EEZTC3 BZ31,200$222,017.50
0.930%AEGEAN AIRLINESAEGN GA21,333$201,064.08
0.992%SINO-OCEAN GROUP HOLDING3377 HK325,000$214,572.33
0.631%TEKFEN HOLDING ASTKFEN TI38,636$136,537.17
0.612%CYBERPOWER SYSTEMS INC3617 TT39,000$132,275.57
0.725%GREATVIEW ASEPTIC PACKAGI468 HK247,000$156,741.96
8.925%MAGAZINE LUIZA SAMGLU3 BZ87,400$1,930,005.83
0.937%CHINA LILANG LTD1234 HK260,000$202,656.27
0.627%PEGATRON CORP4938 TT52,000$135,587.84
0.363%FANTASIA HOLDINGS GROUP C1777 HK546,000$78,395.98
0.741%ZOOMLION HEAVY INDUSTRY1157 HK338,000$160,325.11
1.085%CPMC HOLDINGS LTD906 HK364,000$234,721.30
0.278%NISHOKU TECHNOLOGY INC3679 TT26,000$60,223.02
1.137%M.VIDEO PAOMVID RM34,073$245,843.07
1.232%TRANSCONTAINER PJSCTRCN RM3,315$266,465.86
0.978%PTT GLOBAL CHEMICAL PCLPTTGC TB88,400$211,419.43
0.641%BARCLAYS AFRICA GROUP LTDBGA SJ12,779$138,597.29
1.190%MOL HUNGARIAN OIL AND GASMOL HB20,904$257,264.76
0.831%GREENLAND HONG KONG HOLDI337 HK455,000$179,657.45
0.602%RASSINI SAB DE CV - A70,200$130,264.01
1.349%WOORI BANK18,824$291,761.19
0.934%RED STAR MACALLINE GROUP1528 HK156,000$201,989.64
0.676%GUOLIAN SECURITIES CO LTD1456 HK292,500$146,242.50
-0.041%INDIA CAPITAL GAINS TAX-572,238$-8,788.28

Data as of 10/19/2017

Holdings are subject to change.

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The Cambria Sovereign Bond ETF was formerly known as The Cambria Sovereign High Yield Bond ETF.

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There is no guarantee that the Fund will achieve its investment goal. Investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal. In addition to the normal risks associated with investing, international investments may involve risk of capital loss from unfavorable fluctuation in currency values, from differences in generally accepted accounting principles, or from social, economic, or political instability in other nations. Emerging markets involve heightened risks related to the same factors as well as increased volatility and lower trading volume. Bonds and bond funds are subject to interest rate risk and will decline in value as interest rates rise.

Investments in sovereign and quasi-sovereign debt obligations involve special risks not present in corporate debt obligations. The issuer of the sovereign debt or the authorities that control the repayment of the debt may be unable or unwilling to repay principal or interest when due, and the Fund may have limited recourse in the event of a default. Investments in commodities are subject to higher volatility than more traditional investments. The fund may invest in derivatives, which are often more volatile than other investments and may magnify the Fund's gains or losses. The use of leverage by the fund managers may accelerate the velocity of potential losses. The Fund employs a "momentum" style of investing that emphasizes investing in securities that have had higher recent price performance compared to other securities. This style of investing is subject to the risk that these securities may be more volatile than a broad cross-section of securities or that the returns on securities that have previously exhibited price momentum are less than returns on other styles of investing or the overall stock market. Investments in smaller companies typically exhibit higher volatility. Diversification may not protect against market loss. Emerging markets involve heightened risks related to the same factors as well as increased volatility and lower trading volume.

Shares are bought and sold at market price (not NAV) and are not individually redeemed from the Fund. Buying and selling shares will result in brokerage commissions. Brokerage commissions will reduce returns.

There are special risks associated with margin investing. As with stocks, you may be called upon to deposit additional cash or securities if your account equity declines.